Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Organic Food

Organic Rock Salt Soda Cracker

Price :  RM22.80
Size : -
Code : G00001

Health Paradise Organic Oats

Price :  RM17.80
Size : 500gm
Code : G00002

Organic Berries Breakfast

Price :  RM22.80
Size : 400gm
Code : G00003

Organic Fruity Breakfast

Price :  RM21.80
Size : 400gm
Code : G00004

Organic Sun Dried Sultana

Price :  RM13.80
Size : 250gm
Code : G00005

Organic Sunflower Oil

Price :  RM51.80
Size : 2kg
Code : G00006

Organic Brown Rice Beehon

Price :  RM12.80
Size : 400gm
Code : G00007

Organic Brewer's Yeast Soy Powder

Price :  RM38.80
Size : 800gm
Code : G00008

Suitable for the modern working population who face tension constantly and does not cause obesity.  its a perfect health food for a balanced diet.
High content of vitamin B, improve digestive system and gluten free.

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