Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Why Organic?


According to health experts worldwide, organically produced foods are natural and are high in nutritional value compared to non-organic products.  In the last few years, people also purchase organic herbs and spices as the foods have adrenalizing effects besides adding flavours to the recipes. More organically produced foods are used for medicinal purposes since it has no side-effects.

Large-scale production of organic foods are increasing in recent times as it brings positive effects to the bio-system in long run.  Best of all, the wide range of organic products from make-up to deodorant, shower gel to shampoo are all free from synthetic additives.  Hence, the products are ideal for children. (Organic Malaysia Online.2008)


1.Organic food tastes amazing!  Organic food tastes better than conventional because it’s not coated with chemical residues from pesticides and fertilizers.  Organic food, which often times is synonymous with local food, optimizes time by allowing food to grow at a natural pace in the garden or field.  This coupled with a shorter farm to market distance ratio than means fresher food as well.

2.Organic food is healthy!  Organic food on average contains higher Vitamin C (powerful antioxidant) levels as well as higher levels of calcium, magnesium, iron, and chromium.  The bioavailability of nutrients in organic foods is at a greater level than that of conventional.

3.Organics are better for the environment!  Organic production systems do not allow the use of chemical fertilizers which pollute our rivers and streams.  Instead, organic production systems utilize composted manure and leguminous cover crops in rotation with cash crops to naturally feed nitrogen to the soil.

4.Organics support communities!  For small farmers, organic agriculture has offered an alternative market where organically grown food commands a fair price.  Workers on organic farms have reduced exposure to harsh cancer causing chemicals.

5.Organic products are free of hidden-costs!  While the consumer may pay a premium at the check-out counter for organic products as opposed to conventional products, the consumer pays more for what isn’t in the product: the hidden costs of conventional include the millions of dollars tax payers pay each year for chemicals in drinking water due to pesticide practices in conventional farming. (Eco Lips Inc..2013)


Many of the conventional skincare products on the market today contain synthetic chemical ingredients such as dyes and fragrances, phthalates, mineral oils, and parabens.  (Anthesis Organic Skincare Inc.2011)

Organic-ingredients used have been harvested from plants grown without the use of (synthetic) pesticides, fungicides, or inorganic fertilizers, and prepared without the use of preservatives. (BTrue Natural Inc.2013) 

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and whatever you apply to your skin ultimately gets absorbed into your bloodstream.  (Anthesis Organic Skincare Inc.2011)

Thus, using organic skincare products is a healthier lifestyle choice because you are avoiding exposure to the chemicals found in conventional skincare products. 

Moreover, Organic beauty products are safe and more effective.  Aside from that, Organic and natural products are ideal for sensitive skin, eczema and even babies! Due to their concentration of goodness, a little of it goes a long way!

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